The program is implemented in Python. The current version can run using Python 2.7 and 3.4 onwards.

PostgreSQL client-side development tools are required to build and install extensions.

Installation from the Python Package Index

The PGXN client is hosted on PyPI, therefore the easiest way to install the program is through a Python installation tool such as pip. For example a system-wide installation can be obtained with:

$ sudo pip install pgxnclient

To upgrade from a previous version to the most recent available you may run instead:

$ sudo pip install --upgrade pgxnclient

The documentation of the installation tool of your choice will also show how to perform a local installation.

Installation from source

The program can also be installed from the source, either from a source package or from the source repository: in this case you can install the program using:

$ python install

Running from the project directory

You can also run PGXN Client directly from the project directory, either unpacked from a source package, or cloned from the source repository, without performing any installation.

Just make sure that the project directory is in the PYTHONPATH and run the bin/pgxn script:

$ cd /path/to/pgxnclient
$ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
$ ./bin/pgxn --version
pgxnclient 1.3.0   # just an example